About us

We offer 20 years experience in the art & antique world, including but not limited to various contacts at major and provincial auction houses.

Our passion and devotion have built us a solid reputation in closing succesful deals around the world.

We are empathic and efficient, trust worthy, we work fast, focused and have a no-nonsense attitude.


We are located in the heart of Europe (Belgium, Antwerp) and speak several languages. Thus we cover a wide range of auctions dealers and can, on consultant broker basis, keep you informed on the items of interest that appear for sale on the European market.

We provide photographs + detailed descriptions of quality & condition. We have personal access to private collections. We are there when items you are looking for surface. We believe in personally inspecting in order to determine any restorations, etc.

We can be your bidder at auctions and, by being physically present, prevent prices from being artificaly increased.

Without contractual engagement, we can be your advisors and field collectors in Europe.

We apply 100% confidentiality & non-disclosure commitment, straightforward commission terms on closing deal, including research and negotiation.